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About Us


The principals at DW Wood Design have been providing the very highest quality custom millwork for more than 30 years to both commercial and residential customers.  Every detail is considered important from the type of laminate, special veneers to select solids woods that go into each and every project.

Personalized Approach

Team of woodworking workshop workers are

Excellence and Professionalism

Your vision is drawn in the computer to produce extremely tight tolerances for a finished product that is second to none in quality. Whether the drawing is going to a CNC machine to produce highly complex cuts for precision assembly or simply to help the customer visualize the end product, you can rest assured the final construction will please even the most critical eye.

Attention to Detail

We will sit down with you to understand your needs and make suggestions on ways to accomplish your goals within the allotted time frame and your budget. A site survey is almost always needed to measure your space to insure an exact fit. Personalized service is our way of life and to us, nothing is more personal than having the ability to sit down with a customer in a one on one environment to discuss a vision we are about to bring to life.

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